Treaty Fish Co. Joins 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge

Treaty Fish Co. Joins 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge

Treaty Fish Co. today signed on to the “100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge,” publicly committing to use 100% of each commercially caught Great Lakes fish productively by 2025. As part of the pledge, the company will also help communicate to other companies in the fish supply chain about opportunities for innovative applications for fish byproducts including fertilizer, protein, marine collagen, leather, or other new, high-value products.

Treaty Fish Co. joins Michigan-based Carlson’s Fishery, First Catch LLC, Motor City Seafood and VanLandschoot & Sons Fish Market that previously signed the pledge, bringing participation from Michigan to five companies. 25 companies overall have now signed the pledge.

This pledge is part of the 100% Great Lakes Fish initiative created by the Conference of Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers (GSGP), an organization representing the Governors of the Great Lakes States and the Canadian Premiers of Ontario and Québec. 

“We must harness the bounty of the Great Lakes responsibly,” David Naftzger, GSGP Executive Director said. “With Treaty Fish Co. now a member of the 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge, we take a step closer to a future where sustainability and prosperity go hand in hand.”

The Great Lakes are home to sizeable commercial fisheries, but only the fillets of these fish are usually eaten while the remaining 60% of the fish is often relegated to inexpensive uses or discarded. The 100% Great Lakes Fish initiative seeks to find new and innovative ways to use the whole fish in order to reduce waste, create more value and jobs, and support rural economic development. Iceland pioneered this approach and has seen the value of products made from each cod skyrocket from $12 for just the filet to a remarkable $5,000 for products including cosmetics, medical bandages, nutritional supplements and a range of other products.

“At Treaty Fish Co., we believe in embracing change for a brighter future,” Cindi John, Co-Owner of Treaty Fish Co., said. “Joining the 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge isn’t just about sustainability, it’s about seizing new opportunities and expanding horizons for businesses of all sizes.”

 Companies participating in the 100% Great Lakes Fish Pledge include:

  • A&A Marine Foods
  • All Temp Foods
  • Bodin Fisheries
  • Baileys Harbor Fish Co.
  • Cambrian Co-Products
  • Carlson’s Fishery
  • Dan’s Fish, Inc.
  • Dramm Corporation
  • Euclid Fish Company
  • First Catch LLC
  • Fiskur Leather
  • Fortune Fish & Gourmet
  • Great Lakes Food Co.
  • Halvorson Fisheries
  • Henriksen Fisheries
  • J&M Fisheries
  • John O’s Foods
  • Lindal Fisheries
  • Motor City Seafood
  • Presteve Foods
  • Purvis Fisheries
  • Red Cliff Fish Co.
  • Taylor Fish Co.
  • Treaty Fish Co.
  • VanLandschoot & Sons Fish Market


Read the pledge here.

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